Swamp Coolers Redding CA

Swamp coolers (also referred to as evaporative coolers) cool air by using water evaporation. They are excellent for dry climates and more efficient and cost-effective than air conditioners. However, they do require regular maintenance to stay in the best running condition–usually before, during, or after the hot season. In our off-seasons, Absolute Chimney & Duct Cleaning Services specializes in maintenancing swamp coolers.

Before Summer

A swamp cooler needs to be prepared for those hot summer days. It’s been sitting dormant during the winter and needs a little attention to get going again. We’ll take your swamp cooler apart to verify that all the parts are working well and clean of leaves, dust, and debris. We’ll also install new cooler pads and check for any sign of cracks or rusted areas that could cause leaks.

During Summer

Your swamp cooler needs a mid-summer checkup to get through the hot season with flying colors. The cooler pads may need to be replaced again, the water level and function needs to be checked, and other parts may require cleaning or replacement. Dust and dirt can build up in the unit and prevent your swamp cooler from bringing in clean air.

After Summer

Once the weather has turned cool and you don’t think you’ll need to use your swamp cooler anymore, it’s time to winterize it. This process will minimize problems with your cooler the next spring and help it last longer. We’ll clean it, drain the water, and dry it out to eliminate mineral deposits and rust from settling in.

Regular maintenance of your swamp cooler will extend its lifespan. Get Absolute Chimney & Duct Cleaning to help you keep it in optimal shape. We’re just as dedicated to helping you stay cool in the summer as we are to helping you stay warm and safe in the winter.