air duct-vent needs cleaning

The Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Vents & Ducts Cleaned

air duct-vent needs cleaningOur homes are full of contaminants and air pollutants. From pet dander to dust and cleaning products, these airborne molecules are being taken in by your heating and air conditioning system and recirculated throughout your home. Not only that, dirty air ducts and dryer vents pose several risks to your family and home while also being more likely to cost you more to operate than they should. The damages caused by dirty vents and ducts can be persistent and dangerous for your family.

1. Prevent Fires

The buildup of lint and dust in your dryer vents will prevent your dryer from exhausting the heat that it generates. Your clothing may feel hot and may even become damaged from this excess heat. Additionally, the heat may actually cause a costly and dangerous fire. The dryer itself and the vents within your walls or beneath your home may pose a fire danger and put you, your family, and your investment, at risk.

Similarly, dusty or rodent-infested HVAC ductwork will cause the appliance to overwork itself when trying to heat or cool your home. These machines have a whole slew of moving parts that may spark of fire if they become too overheated while in use.

2. Protect Your Breathing

Homes, where children or elderly persons reside, should be especially concerned with vent and duct cleanliness. At the same time, the presence of pets or tobacco smoke inside the home can lead to several health problems for your family. Mold and bacterial growth inside ductwork have been linked to respiratory illnesses such as asthma, allergies, coughing, and headaches.

This presence of these health-ravaging substances is usually caused by the traces of water produced by your heating and air system. Dangerous dust particles can be contaminated and home remodeling or renovations will raise the amount of this buildup within your ductwork.

3. Save Money

Regular duct and dryer vent cleaning will help maintain efficiency in the operation of your appliances. In addition to frequent filter changes and annual maintenance, your vents should be well-cleaned every two to three years. More often, perhaps, if you have any of the things listed above that can increase the likelihood of fire or medical issues.

More importantly, the breathing issues commonly associated with dirty ducts will lead to unnecessary medical costs. Not to mention the medial and restoration costs incurred after a fire in the home. Chronic illness leads to higher insurance premiums and fire protection is costly enough even before you are forced to make a claim to repair damage following a fire.

Ultimately, it is up to homeowners to ensure the health and safety of their families. Dirty air ducts and lint-filled dryer vents are easily overlooked, but their associated hazards make regular maintenance imperative.

If you or a family member seems to be suffering from heightened allergy or breathing problems or if your dryer seems to be running hot, it may be time for an inspection and cleaning of your home’s duct and vent systems.