workmen perform home duct cleaning
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3 Quick Tips to Reducing Allergens Caused by Animals

workmen perform home duct cleaningHave you felt congested or as if you may be suffering from more labored breathing? Both the problem and the answer may lie in the hidden confines of your ventilation system. Many air pollutants can settle and build up in the ducts of your home. Unfortunately, these pollutants are then redistributed into your home. The largest cause of this buildup is live animals, rodents, and insects. The following tips for reducing the chance for a dangerous infestation will help you ensure that your family is always breathing clean air.

1. Inspect your home.

Your pets’ dander alone will cause allergy-causing buildup in your ventilation ducts. However, the presence of cockroaches, rodents, and other pests can spread dangerous bacteria to you and your family. The droppings, body parts, and urine will dry and become airborne. It will then be distributed throughout your home. Regular duct cleaning will keep your home free of these contaminants while also alerting you to any potential infestations. Experts recommend keeping a good eye out on your home at all times for the signs of infestation and calling as soon as you see a problem or begin having symptoms.

2. Block the entries.

Insects such as cockroaches are more likely to hide in very small spaces and your home’s duct system is a perfect hideaway. In addition, squirrels can enter your home through a hole measuring only 1.5 inches and a bat needs only .38 inches to gain access. Most rodents enter homes through small holes or even bite and claw through weak spots. These rodents will not only cause allergy and respiratory problems, they are also likely to cause costly damage to your home. Be sure to fix holes in your roof and between the roof and siding. Hiring a professional to install an animal-proof chimney cap and vent covers will go a long way to keeping these pests out of your home.

3. Deter their desire.

One step further than blocking entry to your home, it is also possible to deter this entry altogether. Branches within 8 feet of your roof are close enough to allow squirrels access to your roof, and therefore, your home. You can reduce their access by simply trimming or removing overhanging branches around your house. Wild animal populations on your property can be deterred by removing food sources such as any fruits, nuts or berries that have fallen from trees or bushes in your yard. It can be difficult to keep these animals off of rural properties, but installing bat and squirrel boxes usually helps keep them comfortable and far away from your home.

You, your children, and even your dog deserve a life free from illness and breathing problems. Most of the time, the cause of these illnesses are out of sight, but their potential dangers should never be out of mind. Finding ways to reduce the presence of the vermin that create dangerous air contaminants that your family is breathing is one of the best ways to protect their health at home.