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Painting Redding CA

Absolute Chimney Services loves servicing homeowners in the North State area. We know that many homeowners have projects that are important, but they just don’t seem to get done. Painting is often one of those things. If it’s been on your list for a while, consider getting us to do it for you. We’re affordable, we’ve got the supplies, and we can do it with a fast turnaround. And we offer a wide variety of painting services for Redding homes.

House Painting

Every so often, your home’s exterior needs a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps the paint has started to peel or you’re starting to see bare wood, mold, rot, or stains. If you have a stucco exterior, you may have started seeing cracks in the stucco. Sometimes, you’ll also notice fading paint, normally on the south and west sides of the house where the sun hits the most. Exterior paint can last up to 10 years for wood or stucco homes and for 20 or more years for homes with vinyl or aluminum siding. But when you start seeing signs that your house needs a paint job, it’s time to call Absolute Chimney!

Other Painting Projects

Sometimes, it’s not the house that needs painting—it’s the fence or the patio or a small shed in the back. Absolute Chimney can do them all. We’re general handymen that can bring a fresh new look to almost anything in your yard or garden. A coat of paint can do wonders. And because we have experience in carpentry, masonry, and metal fabrication, we understand the unique painting requirements of different types of materials. Whenever we paint, we make sure that surrounding shrubs, lawn fixtures, grass, and plants are protected from paint splatters by using drop cloths and tarps.

Call Absolute Chimney

Don’t let your house or outdoor building get by without an updated paint job. Absolute Chimney has helped other homeowners like you get the project done. We offer prices that won’t break the bank and down-home, friendly service. Call Absolute Chimney today for a quote on painting services for your Redding home.

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