Fencing Services in Redding, California

Fencing Handyman - Redding, California
Absolute Chimney Services doesn’t just do chimneys. We also offer a range of general handyman services. One of those services is fencing. Many homeowners need a solution for a yard that’s too public or an unsightly air conditioning unit that sits in the middle of the yard. Others just love the beauty that a fence can bring to their home. And still others would like their fence repaired or updated. Whatever the reason, Absolute Chimney is prepared to meet your fencing needs for your Redding home.

Privacy Screen Fencing

Whether you’re in an urban, suburban, or rural area, a privacy fence is often a coveted feature. Even if the neighbors are friendly, homeowners just want a bit of yard or pool area that can’t be seen by the public. Generally, homeowners have two options to achieve privacy—a privacy fence or a privacy hedge. One of the advantages of a privacy fence is that it requires much less maintenance. When it’s installed, it’s done. Fencing works well in areas where houses are close together since a fence won’t spill into the neighbor’s yard.

Fencing Options

We provide general fencing services for many applications. Sometimes, homeowners want a fence to keep the dog and the rabbits out of the garden or the kids from falling into the pool. As a team with many skills, the techs at Absolute Chimney are capable of building wood and metal fences and installing any kind of fence. We have the carpentry and metal fabrication skills to design a fence according to your specifications—do you prefer a lattice fence or a fence with slats? We’re a versatile team.

About Us

Absolute Chimney Services is headed up by Keith O’Kelley, a dedicated, reliable business owner. Keith’s team is made up of techs who are respectful and background-checked. When you get Absolute Chimney to handle your fencing project in Redding, you can rest assured that it will be done right. We’re committed to helping homeowners, regardless if it’s servicing their chimneys or installing their fencing.

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