Chimney Repair Redding CA

Many chimney owners are unaware of hazards that could be developing in their chimney. With time, use, and harsh weather, a chimney can wear down. Loose bricks, cracks, corrosion, warping, and blocked flues can compromise the safety of your chimney and, ultimately, your home. That’s when chimney repair becomes necessary. Absolute Chimney is equipped to handle any kind of chimney repair–whether it be replacing the chimney liner, repointing the mortar joints, repairing the chimney crown, or something else.

Liner Installation

A new liner is often necessary if you have an older or damaged chimney or if you’re installing a new heating system that will be feeding into the chimney. Liners are designed to add an extra layer of protection from combustible, to protect the chimney from erosion and corrosion, and to assist the safe functioning of your heating system. Most fire codes in the United States now require chimney liners. Ask Absolute Chimney about doing your liner. We offer the best price around for liner installation.

Liner Installation


Need a new fireplace or chimney or repair of your existing one? As chimney specialists, we know the tools of the trade. Let us rebuild or install your stone or brick for a fair price. We can also fix crumbled or cracked mortar joints–called repointing. Bricks and stones are long-lasting materials, but compromised mortar can allow water leaks into your chimney (never good) and dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into your home. When we’re done, the Big Bad Wolf won’t be able to blow your chimney down!

Other Chimney Repairs

Other common areas that often need repair are chimney crowns, roof flashing, and flues. Absolute Chimney performs every repair with utmost care for your safety. We know how important it is for you to have a sound, fireproof chimney so you can enjoy the benefits of your fireplace or heating system. We believe in perfection in an industry with no room for mistakes.

Don’t let those cozy fireside evenings turn into a nightmare. Get your chimney repaired by Absolute Chimney before it’s too late!