Chimney Inspections in Redding, California

It’s in your best interests to get a chimney expert to inspect your chimney once a year. According to the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America), almost 23,000 house fires and $111.7 million worth of damage are caused by chimneys and fireplaces in the United States every year. Those are disturbing statistics. Absolute Chimney is committed to preventing that from happening to you. We are available to inspect all wood burning, gas, and pellet systems.


We’re very thorough. In an inspection, we’ll check every part of your chimney to see if there’s been any buildup of soot or creosote. Creosote is a highly combustible material that can form inside your flue or chimney. Creosote exists in three stages: In the first stage, it’s a fine black dust–commonly referred to as soot. In the second stage, it’s a porous, crunchy material, that can’t be brushed away, but is still removable. In the third stage, it’s a tar that hardens into a rock-like glaze. This form of creosote is a concentrated fuel that is very difficult to remove.


Your chimney needs to be sound. We’ll evaluate its condition from all angles and let you know if any repairs are needed. Our techs are certified, background-checked, respectful, and committed to your well-being. You can always trust that we’ll give you an honest report of your chimney’s condition and that we’ll only recommend cleaning or repairs if they are necessary. However, we always inform you of any potential hazards. You don’t want your house to become another statistic--and neither do we. Get Absolute Chimney to come on by and do a full inspection of your chimney.