Chimney Cleaning in Orangevale, California

Wood smoke is a mix of gases and particles. While man discovered fire some time ago, discovering the negative health effects of its smoke took more time. Ancient man did not know that the microscopic particles present in wood smoke could be to blame for many of their respiratory and eye problems. At Absolute Chimney Services we are committed to keeping your family not only warm, but also safe and healthy, by providing the best chimney cleaning services in the Orangevale, California area.


EPA-certified wood stoves are much more efficient than their older non-certified predecessors. Modern wood stoves use the stove body and flue pipe as the heat transfer source. If these pieces are layered in creosote, they will be unable to do this effectively. Absolute Chimney will remove this layer and help ensure that your family is kept warm while also helping you save money on fuel.


The creosote buildup in chimneys was determined to be the cause of 27 percent of residential fires and 73 percent of all heating related fires between 2002 and 2004. This accumulation of this black oily residue can leave deposits several inches thick in just one season. In turn, this thick layer of residue is highly combustible. Hiring an experienced chimney cleaning service is the first step to keeping your family safe from fire dangers of in your home..


Keeping a chimney clean will also keep your family safe from the harmful effects of creosote vapours. The experts at Absolute Chimney will clean your entire system using our high-powered vacuum system. This system uses five different types of fliters, including a HEPA-filter, to elliminate the possiblity that dust, odors or toxins will be released into your home.

Keeping your family protected while helping you keep them warm is the highest concern for the professionals at Absolute Chimney Services. In addition to keeping your fireplace clean, we also offer the best in repair, inspection and restoration in the Orangevale area. Call us today to find out how we can best serve your home’s fireplace and chimney.